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T.A.S.K. Productions Presents...FlyBoyRadio

Scheduled Time: thu 1200 - 1400 on channel 1
DJs: DJ T.A.S.K.
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Real Hip Hop, Soul, Pop, R&B, Go-Go, you name it...

About: From the same people who brought you Southern Hospitality w/ J.Ferb, the most listened to radio show at the University of Maryland, and interviews with the likes of Gym Class Heroes, Kidz in the Hall & Tyga. The summer edition of Inner Circle's WMUC 88.1FM College Park takeover is FlyBoyRadio hosted by DJ T.A.S.K & Izeeky the Most Freaky. DJ T.A.S.K. is on the 1's and 2's bringing you only the best Hip Hop, R&B, Go-Go, & Pop from the present as well as bit of Ol' School Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Rock, and Pop nostalgia from the 90's, 80's and 70's along with Izeeky "The Most Freaky," who will make you sh*t you're pants with laughter each and every Thursday afternoon. You wont wanna miss this show featuring: -Live DJ Mixing -Special Comedy Segments -Special Guests, Interviews w/ the Music Industry's Finest -Live Performances, and Freestyles -Free Giveaways, every week -Up and Coming Artist Showcase's -Sepcial Requests -Brand New Never Before Heard Music or what we like to call "T.A.S.K.clusives" Bringing you music from artists like, A Tribe Called Quest, Wale, N*E*R*D, Erykah Badu, OutKast, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Usher, Lil' Wayne, Little Brother, Estelle, Prince, The Wu-Tang Clan, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Nas, Gym Class Heroes, Kenna, R.Kelly, GangStarr, Gnarles Barkley, Joe Budden, The Souls of Mischief, Common, Saigon, M.I.A., Boot Camp Clik, Kidz in the Hall, The Dream, Camp-Lo, Janelle Monae, Young Jeezy and more... Special Segments: "The Lunch Break": The Izeeky the most Freaky, the funny Man of the FBC throws a comedic twist on current events and life as a FlyBoy in general. "Throwback Swag on 1,000": A Special half an Hour sement where we take it back like ya daddy's hair line, bringing you a live mix of the greatest hits from the times of Hightop Fades, Rope Chains, Jordans, Coogie, and Baggy Jeans. "The T.A.S.K.clusive" - Brand New Fresh from the studio music from the hottest choose if its "The Truth, or if it gets "Da Boot." "Name That Sample" - If you can tell us the name of the song and artist who sampled a certain song you will win a prize which could range from a new CD, clothing, or even tickets to a concert, but remember you have to be the 7th correct caller... "Up and Coming Artist Showcase" - A special time where we get to break or aknowledge a new talent who is not the audience decide between the Fly artists, and the ones whose cd wouldn't drop if they fell off a bunk bed. "Its Only Entertainment" - Live performances, freestyles, and interviews.
Guests: Tony Lindsay of P.O.F. Entertainment SmackBar!

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06/19/08DJ T.A.S.K.06/20/08 00:39:40
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08/14/08DJ T.A.S.K.08/15/08 18:38:50
08/21/08DJ T.A.S.K.08/25/08 02:50:18