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Scheduled Time: mon 2000 - 2200 on channel 1
DJs: Ricardo Pizarro
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: LATIN MUSIC... but not limited to it

About: I try to pick a few genre of "world" music and play half hour bits of it... Such genres I have come up with so far are: rock-en-espanol, regggae, ska, bossa-nova, samba, flamenco, cuban, hiphop, jazz, funk, and electronic. After the few bits I try to leave the last half hour for anything goes. From Thievery Corp. to My Bloody Valentine to all my crazy "spanish" music in between and anything that sounds good at the moment. I always try to invite different people to the show so they can have fun. It's always fun to have a different person each show so you can get different vibes every time you do the show.
Guests: hope to have some soon

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01/30/06Ricardo Pizarro02/02/06 20:34:19
02/06/06Ricardo Pizarro02/06/06 22:01:12
02/20/06Ricardo Pizarro02/20/06 22:01:26
02/13/06Ricardo Pizarro02/13/06 22:00:14
02/27/06Ricardo Pizarro02/27/06 21:59:46
05/01/06Ricardo Pizarro05/01/06 21:55:26
03/06/06Ricardo Pizarro03/06/06 22:02:40
03/13/06Ricardo Pizarro03/13/06 22:01:58
03/20/06Ricardo Pizarro03/20/06 22:10:30
03/27/06Ricardo Pizarro03/27/06 21:58:44
04/10/06Christina Kim04/10/06 21:54:26
04/17/06Ricardo Pizarro04/17/06 21:58:01
04/24/06Ricardo Pizarro04/24/06 22:00:26
05/08/06Christian Melendez05/08/06 21:18:28
05/15/06Ricardo Pizarro05/15/06 22:02:26