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Scheduled Time: thu 600 - 800 on channel 1
DJs: Dian Squire
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Music

About: You have a group of friends and if you really think about that group of friends, each one plays a specific role in your life in one specific way. You have the movie watcher, the shopping partner, the listener, the going out to eater, the gym partner, the builder upper, etc. Each one of these friends helps you rebalance your life in a different way when things go a little lopsided. That is equilibrium. Equilibrium is music that is your mood.

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02/16/06Dian Squire02/16/06 08:20:51
02/23/06Dian Squire02/25/06 10:09:51
03/02/06Dian Squire03/02/06 07:53:29
03/09/06Mandy Fraser03/09/06 07:51:55
03/16/06Mandy Fraser03/16/06 15:22:42
04/06/06Dian Squire04/06/06 08:00:03
04/13/06Dian Squire04/13/06 07:57:04
04/20/06Dian Squire04/20/06 08:03:33
05/04/06Dian Squire04/27/06 22:07:18
05/11/06Dian Squire05/11/06 08:00:45
05/18/06Dian Squire05/18/06 08:00:17
05/25/06Dian Squire05/23/06 12:52:57