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Too Hard for Tears

Scheduled Time: tue 600 - 800 on channel 1
DJs: Andrew Graber, Andy Bowen, Tommy Storck
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Indie, R&B...maybe a flute solo.

About: Tommy, Graber, and Andy play lots of songs. You could hear Tom Waits. Or Prince. Or Broken Social Scene. Or John Coltrane. Or Talking Heads. Or something involving Joe Strummer. There's some lighthearted radio chatter. Andy likes the sound of his own voice. Tommy and Graber could be indifferent. Such is an intense mystery.
Guests: Graberpower and Tommy "Spanson Crackle" Storck

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02/14/06Andy Bowen02/14/06 07:53:15
02/21/06Andy Bowen02/21/06 08:17:01
02/28/06Andy Bowen03/07/06 06:21:09
03/07/06Andy Bowen03/07/06 08:00:22
03/14/06Andrew Graber03/14/06 09:43:26
03/21/06Andy Bowen03/21/06 08:03:22
03/28/06Andy Bowen03/28/06 08:04:46
04/11/06Andrew Graber04/11/06 08:00:01
04/18/06Andy Bowen04/18/06 08:07:45
04/25/06Andy Bowen04/25/06 07:52:52
05/02/06Andy Bowen05/02/06 07:58:54
05/09/06Andrew Graber05/09/06 08:15:05