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8-Bit Radio

Scheduled Time: fri 800 - 1000 on channel 1
DJs: Justin Johnston
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Classical, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Etc.
AIM: justinj212

About: Video game music is a rapidly developing genre, with major figures such as Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Matsuda at the front of the movement. This show is dedicated to spreading knowledge of and appreciation for this genre by displaying a vast and varied showcase of music with some insight to the history and meaning behind it. This music includes original chiptunes and recordings as well as arrangements and remixes. The podcast with CD quality downloads can be found at: Either select your media player under "Subscribe to this podcast using:" or copy and paste the URL directly into your media player under "Subscribe to Podcast/.rss feed." In ITunes, this is under "Advanced"->"Subscribe to Podcast." I also have facebook and myspace groups. Do a group search for "8-Bit Radio WMUC" and join to get more info and updates about the show. Join up and invite your friends! Thank you for listening, and please help me spread word about this show by inviting your friends to listen! -Justin

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09/05/08Justin Johnston09/05/08 00:16:08
09/12/08Justin Johnston09/11/08 23:54:22
09/19/08Justin Johnston09/19/08 08:01:16
09/26/08Justin Johnston09/25/08 23:18:04
10/03/08Justin Johnston10/01/08 20:43:21
10/10/08Justin Johnston10/13/08 11:11:38
10/17/08Justin Johnston10/16/08 23:44:01
10/24/08Justin Johnston10/24/08 08:10:44
11/07/08Justin Johnston11/07/08 08:11:26
11/14/08Justin Johnston11/12/08 19:22:10
11/21/08Justin Johnston11/20/08 23:32:52
12/12/08Justin Johnston12/12/08 09:23:34