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Amateur Cartography

Scheduled Time: tue 200 - 400 on channel 1
DJs: Arnell Limberry
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: not much metal.
AIM: wizkid7005

About: We do it big. I'll pull together a playlist but for the most part, if you want it, I'll play it, and that's what really matters. Its talk radio, too. Any topic will do
Guests: Guest co-hosts and callers will be popping in and out all semester. If you're lucky, you may count yourself among them.

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02/24/09Arnell Limberry02/24/09 03:54:55
03/10/09Arnell Limberry03/10/09 03:56:44
03/24/09Arnell Limberry03/24/09 03:58:23
03/31/09Kyle Lucas03/31/09 03:46:17