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8-Bit Radio

Scheduled Time: mon 800 - 1000 on channel 1
DJs: Justin Johnston
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
AIM: justinj212

About: A weekly showcase of video game music featuring a variety of genres: orchestral, techno, rock, jazz, vocal, and many more! This show is dedicated to spreading appreciation for the rapidly growing musical genre. Join me every week from 8-10AM Mondays for new episodes, and for access to my old episodes subscribe to the podcast at Join my Facebook group to receive updates about the show! Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do.

Archived Playlists

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01/26/09Justin Johnston01/26/09 09:48:25
02/02/09Justin Johnston02/02/09 10:02:29
02/09/09Justin Johnston02/09/09 08:22:00
02/16/09Justin Johnston02/16/09 10:05:54
02/23/09Justin Johnston02/23/09 08:10:50
03/09/09Justin Johnston03/09/09 08:12:39
03/23/09Justin Johnston03/23/09 08:14:26
03/30/09Justin Johnston03/30/09 12:37:49
04/06/09Justin Johnston04/11/09 23:13:22
04/13/09Justin Johnston04/13/09 08:09:46
04/20/09Justin Johnston04/20/09 08:08:43
04/27/09Justin Johnston04/27/09 08:15:49
05/04/09Justin Johnston05/04/09 09:15:12
05/11/09Justin Johnston05/11/09 08:16:18
05/18/09Justin Johnston05/18/09 15:22:06